Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season has officially arrived and we bet you are searching for the perfect gift for your friends and family. From gift cards to electronics, the holiday gift giving list can be endless! So to make your search a bit easier, we gathered some unique gift ideas to delight those you care about this holiday season.

#1 Tickets to Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker
The Central Florida Ballet's unique Nutcracker production offers mini-pyrotechnic explosions, aerial acrobatics, and fiber optic special effects, unlike any other in the area. This year the Central Florida Ballet celebrates the 15th Anniversary presentation of its Nutcracker. Performances will be held December 12-13 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Price: Tickets range from $24-80.  
How to Buy: Buy online at or call the Box Office at 407.849.9948 ext 10. Use Code: Dance15 to get 50% OFF your ticket order!
Best part: Wonderful memories to remember for years to come! An experience at the Central Florida Ballet's Nutcracker is unlike anything else.

#2 Nutcracker Raffle and Silent Auction
Discover and battle Nutcracker style for the best gifts - vacation getaways, theme park tickets, jewelry, sports memorabilia, and much more. Your generosity benefits the Central Florida Ballet's 2015/16 Season and the unique gift will bring sheer delight to your recipient.
Price: $10-700
How to buy: The Raffle and Silent Auction will be held in the lobby right beside the Linda Chapin Theater, starting 1 hour before each Nutcracker performance from December 12-13.
Best part: Finding the perfect gift for your loved one and generously supporting the Central Florida Ballet's 2015/16 Season at the same time! It's a win-win!

# 3 Nutcracker Boutique Gift Shop
The Nutcracker Boutique is held in the lobby right beside the Linda Chapin Theater and is open 45 minutes before each performance and during intermission. The search is on for your most-wanted item, which makes a great souvenir from the show.
Price: $5-40 an assortment of items will be offered 
How to buy: The Nutcracker boutique will be held in the lobby right beside the Linda Chapin Theater before, during, and after the performances on Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13.  
Best part: From wooden Nutcrackers to delicate ornaments to exquisite jewelry, the Nutcracker boutique is sure to bring great stocking stuffers!

#4 Gift Certificate to the Central Florida Ballet's Academy
Ballet is not just for The Nutcracker. Share the joy of dance with your friends with a gift certificate to use towards classes at the Central Florida Ballet's Academy.
Price: $Any Amount
How to buy: Please call the Central Florida Ballet Academy at 407.849.9948 ext 10 to purchase a gift certificate.
Best part: Keep ballet coming all year long.

For more information on the Central Florida Ballet, please visit or call 407.849.9948.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Nutcracker Excerpts presented at the Downtown Orlando Library

Come watch the Central Florida Ballet's Studio Company perform Excerpts from the beloved holiday classic, The Nutcracker at the Orlando Public Library! Address: 101 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801.

Free performances will be given at 11am and 2pm on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

*Arrive early to find parking, there is a Veteran's Day Parade held in front of the Library from 11am-1pm. Roads around the library will be closed from 10am-3pm.

The Central Florida Ballet’s Nutcracker is performed each December at the Orange County Convention Center and was featured as “one of the five outstanding Nutcracker productions in the country” on CNN Headline News.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adult Students Share Stories and Insight

In the past couple of weeks, we have received many questions on our OPEN BALLET CLASSES held at the Ballet Academy of Central Florida (CFB's Official School). These classes are offered for adults from the beginner to advanced levels.

We took this opportunity to chat with some of our adult students about their experience at BACF and asked them to share their thoughts. Check out their stories below!


Lori poses for a picture with Ryan Dean Weston

How did you hear about BACF and how long have you been taking the adult classes?
I heard about the adult classes through Ms. Kate who teaches the beginner class. I tried to do aerial arts but needed some exercise to strengthen my body first. She recommended Pilates and ballet. I've been taking ballet now for 3.5 years.

Did you study dance before BACF, where and for how long?
I had no prior experience with ballet. I'm grateful to see how much I have improved over the years. I was an overweight woman with some significant balancing issues. I couldn't even do basic tendus to the back without falling over. Same with pique turns. Now I can do these and have a much better awareness of my body movement and its awareness in space.

What BACF classes do you take?
Beginner/Intermediate Adult Ballet on Mondays at Noon

What is the best part about the classes?
It's very relaxed but a complete instruction of beginner ballet.

Who teaches your classes and what is your favorite part about their teaching style? 
Kate explains the moves very well and it's a very easy to follow class. Fun too! I've learned that ballet is hard work but so beautiful to watch.

What have you learned during your time at BACF?
I recently had the chance to watch the advanced ballet class taught by Vladimir Bykov. I could see how many of the moves I learned in my beginner class were used in a more complex way which was so beautiful and very inspiring to watch. I realized how important it was to get your basics perfected before you could move to a higher level.

Do you do any other physical activities? How does ballet compare to them?
Yes, in addition to ballet, I do Aerial Tissu, Pilates, Spanish Web, and have done flying trapeze for a year. The ballet has certainly helped me become more graceful when I performing in student showcases.

Would you recommend BACF’s adult classes to others?
I would highly recommend anyone to come and try beginner ballet class at BACF whether you have no experience, little experience or used to do when you were younger.


Megan (in blue) poses for a picture with fellow classmates!

How did you hear about BACF and how long have you been taking the adult classes?
My first knowledge of BACF was through an article in the Orlando Sentinel. The new studio was very near my house and I began taking classes in 2002.

Did you study dance before BACF, where and for how long?
I started taking ballet classes in Green Bay Wisconsin when I was 5 years old.

What BACF classes do you take?
 I take the adult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet classes.

What is the best part about the classes? 
There are so many best parts, the instruction, the music, the people. Ballet exercises your mind and your muscles and improves your flexibility- which are all very important as you get older. 

Who teaches your classes and what is your favorite part about their teaching style? 
Vladimir Bykov, he is the BEST ballet teacher! His classes are very fast paced and challenging so it is an amazing workout and it's never dull or repetitive.
What have you learned during your time at BACF? 
When I came to BACF I had not taken a ballet class in 18 years, so I learned everything all over again but with much more emphasis on the proper technique. Through the classes at BACF I renewed my love for dance and wish I had never quit when I did.

Do you do any other physical activities? How does ballet compare to them?
I walk and bike a lot but ballet class at BACF is definitely my favorite work out. There is a group of us that have been taking classes together at BACF for many years, we are all different ages and come from different backgrounds but have become good friends through class.

Would you recommend BACF’s adult classes to others? 

Do you have any interesting stories to tell about the adult classes?
It's always fun to see who will be in class. We see BACF alumni, Broadway performers, Cirque du Soleil performers and other professional ballerinas, it's amazing to see the talent!

Want to try an Adult Class?
Or give us a call at 407-849-9942 ext 10.

**Plus there is no registration fee for adult students and you can attend 
the Open Adult Ballet Classes anytime!

Our studios are located at 3306 Maggie Blvd, Suite B, Orlando, FL.
Minutes away from Holy Land and I4 Conroy Exit!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Interview with Arielle Martin

Photo by Isaac Aoki

Arielle Martin received her early and pre-professional ballet training from the Ballet Academy of Central Florida under direction of Vasile Petrutiu, Vladimir Bykov, and Heather Sanders-Fryxell. She also studied with scholarships at Boston Ballet, Washington Ballet, and Miami City Ballet. In 2009, she received the Silver Medal in the Pre-Professional Category (ages 14-17) at the World Ballet Competition in Orlando, Florida.

In 2010, Arielle was the only American dancer to represent Florida at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi. After her participation she joined the Professional Division of Pacific Northwest Ballet on full scholarship until her graduation. Arielle performed in many productions such as Don Quixote, A Midsummer's Night Dream, and Nutcracker with the company. After graduation she joined the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu in Sibiu, Romania and also performed as a guest apprentice in Dresden Semperopera Ballet (Germany) in La Bayadere and Harmensdamen. She then joined the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada for the following season and is currently in her 2nd season with the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin in Germany.

We caught up with Arielle where she reminisced on her past and gave insight into life as a professional dancer.
At what age did you start training at the Ballet Academy of Central Florida (BACF)?
6 years old

Who were your primary teachers during your years training at BACF? 

Vladimir Bykov, Vasile Petrutiu, and Heather Fryxell

You won several prestigious awards in competitions, what tips do you give to dancers to be successful in competitions?
Try to find a good head space, have fun, and don't stop striving for the top.

 Arielle performs a contemporary solo at the 2009 World Ballet Competition in Orlando, where she received the Silver Medal in the Pre-Professional Category. Photo by Virginia Trudeau and Deedee Sherman

What performances did you enjoy dancing the most with the Central Florida Ballet and why?
Butterfly in Nutcracker, because it was a challenge but yet such a beautiful part.
How was the transition from BACF to Pacific Northwest Ballet? Was it tough to leave your family and friends? How did you keep in contact with them?  
The transition was exciting and scary but ended up being a great time and I learned so much. I missed my family but thank god for Skype.   

 Arielle at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Photo by Isaac Aoki.

You have been a member of several companies - describe some of the differences between the companies.     
In each company you start in the morning with classes and continue with rehearsals. The difference between each company was the repertoire and also the city in size and development. But Berlin is the best place I have ever lived and do not see myself leaving anytime soon. 

Arielle performs with the Teatrul de Ballet Sibiu in Romania. 

   Arielle poses with fellow company members at the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada

 What did you learn from the Ballet Academy of Central Florida that has helped you as a professional dancer?
I learned to always work hard and try to be the best dancer I can be.

*For information on classes at the Ballet Academy of Central Florida, please visit or call 407.849.9942 ext 10.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Vacation Pics: Academy Students

From sightseeing in Europe to Disney adventures, our Academy students and alumni took the world by storm!

 Academy Students: Taimane Tevaga, Tua Tevaga, and Jasmine Jasper strike a pose in Arizona!

CFB Alumna, Meredith Harrill, stuns with a high-flying leap at the Shenjing Theatre in China!

Academy Student, Elizabeth Petrutiu, takes a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

CFB Alumna, JoAnna Schmidt, runs through fields in Europe!

 CFB Alumna, Arielle Martin (right) takes a majestic leap in Marjorca, Spain.

Academy Student, Jasmine Jasper, finds and adds to art in Arizona.

CFB Alumna, Annette Rivera, at La Cueva Del indio en Arecibo in Puerto Rico.

Academy Student, Ellexis Hatch, exemplifies grace in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Academy Student, Ashton Gordon (2nd from right) stands in front of a Museum in Canada.

Academy Student, Aurora Naatjes, gets buried in the sand.

Academy Student, Desiree Nguyen, takes a daring pose in Vienna, Austria.

 Gabriella Costa creatively sight-sees in Washington, DC.

Remember, Fall Academy Classes begin August 17, 2015! For details on registering. please call 407.849.9948 ext 10 or visit

Central Florida Ballet's Studios are located at 3306 Maggie Blvd., Suite B, Orlando, FL 32811. Just minutes away from Holy Land and I4 Conroy Exit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Auditions Jan 10 for Summer Intensive 2015

The Central Florida Ballet will be holding auditions this Saturday, January 10th for its 2015 Summer Intensive Dance Program (July 6-31, 2015).

Audition Times on Saturday, January 10:

Age 8-14 (Not on pointe)
Registration: 12:30pm, Audition: 1pm

Age 10 and Up (On pointe for 2+ years)
Registration: 2pm, Audition: 2:30pm

Audition Fee: $25 payable to Central Florida Ballet

Studio Location: 3306 Maggie Blvd., Suite B, Orlando, FL 32811  

Central Florida Ballet’s Summer Intensive Dance Program offers professional ballet training in the Russian Method and the program is designed to both challenge and encourage young dance students. CFB's esteemed faculty provide intensive study in ballet, pointe, and variations. Additional classes in styles such as jazz, modern, contemporary, character, tap, pilates, repertoire is also offered among seminars in choreography and acting for dancers along with studies in dance-related topics including dance history, music theory, injury prevention and nutrition. 

Academy Student: Courtnee Newsome, 
Photo by Tyler Mark Photography © Copyright 2014

Classes are held in the Central Florida Ballet’s 5,000 square foot facility with three studios; all studios are equipped with a sprung floor. 

Central Florida Ballet's faculty includes:  Vasile Petrutiu – Co-Founder/Executive Director of Central Florida Ballet and the World Ballet Competition, Vladimir Bykov – Artistic Director - Central Florida Ballet and the World Ballet Competition, Natalya Bashkatova (former Bolshoi Ballet Ballerina), Gina Hatch, Shayna Tevaga, Christye Alan, Dawhone PerryDawn Branch, Lorraine Spack and Internationally recognized guest master teachers will be invited.

Summer Intensive Program Tuition

2 Weeks              $660
3 Weeks              $880
4 Weeks              $1,050

All Students will receive the Official Central Florida Ballet t-shirt. Students attending the last 2 weeks are eligible to participate in the final performance.

Lunches provided by Crispers are available for purchase at $8/day or $35 for the week. Lunches are delivered daily to the studios.

Please Call 407 849-9948 or 407 849 9942 for more information or visit our website at

Academy Student: Ashton Gordon,
Photo by Tyler Mark Photography © Copyright  2014

The Central Florida Ballet is located in Orlando, just minutes away from Central Florida’s famous attractions including Universal Studios, Seaworld, Cirque Du Soleil, and Disney World.  You can now spend your summer studying dance in the United States’ number one tourist destination with some of the artists who make ‘Magic’ in our world-famous entertainment venues.  Orlando is one of the fastest growing arts communities in the nation.  Join us and enjoy the welcoming Southern hospitality which draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. 

The Company
Central Florida Ballet annually presents its innovative “Nutcracker” which has received glowing international recognition - on CNN as "one of five outstanding productions in the nation" named "the pyrotechnic Nutcracker" by USA Today, featured by the Wall Street Journal for "mini-explosion and aerial acrobatics", and most recently filmed by ABC News! In 2007, the World Ballet Competition was launched and has since become a premier international ballet competition that is ruled by fairness and innovation. Led by acclaimed Director and Choreographer Vasile Petrutiu, the Company’s mission is to entertain, educate, and inspire through the universal art form of dance. With a diverse repertoire of dance productions and programs from classical to contemporary and beyond, each attendee is to be culturally enriched while developing an appreciation for the arts.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Companies Nationwide Support the CFB Nutcracker Silent Auction

The Central Florida Ballet is gearing up for its annual Nutcracker Silent Auction, which is a 100% fundraising activity where all monies raised go towards bringing the arts to school's who lack funding for the arts.

The silent auctions will be held before performances of The Nutcracker on December 13 and 14 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Companies nationwide have stepped up to support these educational and outreach programs including 1) FREE In-School performances for students in Orange County serving 1,000+ students per year, 2) highly reduced or free ticket admission for Title-1 Schools and disadvantaged youth groups within the Orlando area to attend a performance at the Orange County Convention Center, and 3) the Children's Ballet Series created specially for our youngest audiences in the Central Florida area.

 Pictured: A group of students meet characters during the Central Florida Ballet's school performance of The Nutcracker.

Companies donating items to the 2014 Nutcracker Silent Auction include:

Arnold Palmer
Atlantis Resort & Casino Reno, NV
Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Christopher Anthony Salon & Spa
Cirque du Soleil
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Dance Wear Corner
Euro Day Spa
Family Vacation Trust
First Watch
Garden Theatre
Glazer Children's Museum
Kennedy Space Center
Orlando City Soccer Club
Orlando Science Center
Pier 39
Pink Calyx
Portrait Innovations
Premier Cancun Vacations
PRP Wine International
Ranger's Pet Outpost & Retreat
Southwest Orlando Eye Care
Thirty-One Gifts
Tiny Prints
Whole Foods Market
WonderWorks Orlando
Xtreme Bowling & Karting
Yoga Private Lesson by Shata Ben-Avari
More To Be Announced

The deadline to receive item donations is November 17, 2014. Businesses wishing to donate can do so by downloading the Auction Donation form here and the official letter. Please direct any questions to: Kailey Klopfenstein at or please call 407.849.9948, ext 10.

Plus be sure to mark your calendar for the Central Florida Ballet's auction and performances.

Nutcracker Performances: 
Held at Linda Chapin Theater, Orange County Convention Center (Tickets $24-80)
Ticket link:
Event page: Nutcracker performance page
Saturday, December 13 @ 2pm
Saturday, December 13 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, December 14 @ 2pm

Nutcracker Auctions:
Held in lobby beside the Linda Chapin Theater (free admission)
Event page: Nutcracker auction page
Saturday, December 13 @ 6:30pm
Saturday, December 14 @ 1pm