Monday, March 24, 2014

CFB Student, Aurora Naatjes, Receives Special Mention from WBC OPEN in Romania

Photo by: Ovidiu Matiu, Aurora Naatjes performing Variation from Flames of Paris

March 24, 2014 - Aurora Naatjes, age 12, traveled to Sibiu, Romania to compete in the World Ballet Competition OPEN 2014 from March 20-23. A student of the Central Florida Ballet Academy, she was the only competitor in her age category representing the United States of America!

She placed 4th in the first day of qualifying rounds and was selected to compete on the finals day at the: WBC OPEN Excellence Award Contest.

At the Award Ceremony, she received an "Honorable Mention" in the Introductory Category - the largest category in the competition.

She ended her trip to Romania with a feature in the WBC OPEN's Gala of the Stars where Aurora performed her contemporary "Empire State Of Mind" to a full house!

View Aurora's award and other winning competitors at 

For information or to schedule a trial class at the CFB Academy, please call 407-849-9948, ext 10 or visit

Monday, February 10, 2014

CFB Hosts Auditions for Harid Conservatory and Hartt School

We are pleased to announce that The Central Florida Ballet will be hosting auditions this month for the following schools below. Each audition will be held at CFB Studios located at 3306 Maggie Blvd., Suite B, Orlando, Florida 32811.

Hartt School's Summer Intensive Audition
"From Studio to Stage" led by Angel Corella
Registration begins at: 1:30pm
Auditions begins at: 2pm


The Harid Conservatory's Summer Intensive Audition
Registration begins at: 11am
Audition begins at: 11:30am

Location of Auditions:
Central Florida Ballet Studios, 3306 Maggie Blvd, Suite B, Orlando, FL 32811 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What are the Benefits of Dance for your Child?

Photo by: Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman

Now is the time to choose dance...the benefits are endless and let's face it...dancing is FUN!

Benefits of Dance:

Physical Health Benefits - Dancing is highly physical; meaning your child will increase their stamina, flexibility, and strength. Not to mention, improving their balance and coordination while building good posture. Studies also show "children who exercise benefit from a deeper and more restful sleep and improved appetite".

Academic Benefits - Both sides of the brain are used simultaneously while you dance; one half is controlling the artistic and creative expression, the other controlling the physicality and movement. This means your child will improve their memory, spatial awareness, and listening ability. Another benefit? Studies show children who dance have higher scores in mathematics and science.

Social Benefits - If you have a shy child, dance can be a good way of allowing her/him to interact with other children and improve her social confidence. Building and enhancing self-esteem is another key outcome from dancing. Above all, through hard work and performances, children can feel a strong sense of achievement, learn about responsibility, and prepare themselves for a successful career; regardless if it involves dance or not.

Want to experience these benefits with small class sizes and individualized attention? We invite you to join us for the 2013/14 school year at the Central Florida Ballet Academy. Our world-class faculty provides Vaganova (Russian method) ballet training, which has proven to create the strongest and most versatile dancer. Students may enroll from age 3-18 and the Academy also offers open adult classes. Save $25 by registering by June 8 for the 2013/14 school year and receive a guaranteed spot in all of your level's classes. Please call 407.849.9942 for more information and/or to set up a trial class. You can also find information on our official website at 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Central Florida Ballet presents ‘The Fairy Doll’ from its Children’s Ballet Series

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 (Orlando, FL, USA) - The Central Florida Ballet’s Studio Company will be performing “The Fairy Doll” as part of its Children’s Ballet Series this Sunday, April 28 at 2pm. Held at the Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, this family friendly performance is geared towards young audiences and will be just under an hour to keep children's interest at its peak.

The Fairy Doll is the story of a Can Can doll who lives in a Toy Shop with other magical toys who come to life at night. The magical toys are heartbroken when one day, the Shop Keeper sells the beloved Fairy Doll to one family while her Cavalier is sold to another. The toys try to prevent the two Can Can dolls from being separated by causing chaos in the Top Shop.

“The Fairy Doll” performed by the Central Florida Ballet’s Studio Company 
Photo By: Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman

A bake sale will be held before the performance to raise funds for the Central Florida Ballet’s Studio Company. All proceeds will benefit the Central Florida Ballet, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, and all donations $25 and above are tax-deductible.

All attendees will enjoy FREE parking for the performance. You can also save buy purchasing in advance; Advance tickets are only $5 (Children 12 & Under) and $8 Adults.  Tickets are available by calling 407.849.9948.

For those purchasing tickets at the door, tickets will be $8 (Children 12 & Under) and $10 Adults. Cash only is accepted at the theater on the day of the performance.

For more information, visit or please call 407.849.9948.

Monday, February 11, 2013

You Might be a Ballet Student if...

Ballet is not just an art form or exercise, it's a way of life. Scroll down to see tell-tale signs you are a part of the ballet world!

1. You drop something on the floor and you do an arabesque to pick it up.

2. Rosin is your BFF.

3. Getting your driver's license is almost as cool as getting a new Yumiko leotard.

4. January/February you spend your weekends auditioning for Summer Intensives.

5. Whenever you hear a song, your mind thinks of choreography for a solo or a group number.

6. You bruise yourself from running into things trying to dance around your house- pirouettes and leg kicks just need happen!

7. A new pair of tights makes your day.

8. You spend hours watching videos on YouTube of ballet variations and videos.

9. The Nutcracker is your Christmas holiday tradition.

10. You'd rather be dancing on Spring Break, and Christmas Break, and the break before school begins.

11. You trip everywhere, except the dance studio.

Have some more to add? Leave a comment, we look forward to hearing your own.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Must See Top 5 Dance Videos

We're bringing the heat with our TOP 5 MUST SEE VIDEOS! From the best of classical ballet to irresistible modern day dance moves, you are sure to enjoy them! Enjoy the show...err...videos!

VIDEO #1: Because it's simply Baryshnikov...from his high-flying leaps to his undeniable stage presence, he shows what real ballet is! No more explanation needed.

VIDEO #2: Dancing with the Stars got it right with this ballet dancer! Patricia Zhou trained at the prestigious Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. before moving on to The Royal Ballet (one of the largest companies in the world). Now Patricia is delighting audiences with the Staatsballett Berlin.

VIDEO #3: It's surreal to see raw talent built. For any of you familiar with the name, Hannah Bettes, you know what I am talking about. Here is a video of Hannah at just age 11, right before she switched her focus to ballet!

VIDEO #4: Young vs Old? Nah, this is just a timeless dance scene from a VERY famous movie! Watch and see two generations strutting their finest moves...

VIDEO #5: Because dancing is irresistible! Yes, especially this dance....

Want to start dance today? For information on classes with the Central Florida Ballet, call 407.849.9948 or check us out for seasonal performances at

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dancer Guests Internationally & Returns to Orlando Nutcracker

Kailey Withee, a 17 year old Apprentice of the Central Florida Ballet, was recently chosen to travel to Sibiu, Romania to perform as a guest artist with the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu. During a 2 week + stay overseas from late November to early December, she helped Vasile Petrutiu, CFB's Founder and Executive Director, stage and rehearse Central Florida Ballet's version of The Nutcracker with the dancers of the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu. A total of five public performances were presented in Romania.

We spoke with Ms. Withee to learn about her overseas adventure and discussed what she learned during her experience that will help her in the Central Florida Ballet's upcoming performances of The Nutcracker to be held in Orlando next weekend from December 22-23, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center.

1.    What was your typical day like? 

My day usually started at 10am with ballet class, from 11 on we had rehearsal till somewhere between 6 and 8pm. The first few days were mostly spent learning or re-learning choreography (several of the Teatrul de Balet Sibiu dancers performed in the production last year). The last couple days, we started having full act rehearsals, but I don't think it was until the day before the first performance we actually ran it all the way through. We only had 7 or 8 days to put the whole thing together.

Rehearsal of the Battle Scene in Sibiu, Romania.

2.    Do you like to perform for European or American audiences more? Are there any differences?

I don't really prefer one or the other, I think one thing that's so special about our Nutcracker in Orlando is you know your family is in the audience along with other parents and friends and you can feel the support from them when you're on stage. But that's just performing for the Central Florida Ballet's home audience. 

3.    What was one thing that surprised you during your trip, or something funny about the different culture?

Honestly I have no idea. hehe 

4.    Do you know any Romanian?

Haha I know a couple of words, but no, I don't know much at all. 

5.    The Nutcracker was modified from the version in Orlando. What dances, choreography, costumes changed?

Most of the choreography stayed the same. The Battle Scene was changed a little because we had more male dancers as the large mice, and Bon-Bons became clowns with 3 guys. Most of the costumes changed a little because we didn't bring them all with us this time; however they tried to stay as true to our costumes as possible. 

6.    What was most exciting about this trip?

Getting to see everyone again was so much fun, I had a great time with everyone and I got to spend time with Arielle and Saaya (who used to dance at Central Florida Ballet) and see how they live in a different country, which was really cool. 

Kailey Withee delights in the festive cold weather in Sibiu, Romania. Real snow!!!

7.    You traveled twice to Romania in 2011 and have attended ballet summer intensives in New York, Washington, and Rhode Island to name a few. Do you feel like a seasoned traveler? 

Haha I don't mind traveling. I mostly just put in my headphones and watch a movie and it passes the time. I definitely want to travel to different countries around the world someday. 

8.    What is your must-have item when traveling?

My iPhone because it has all of my music and movies on it. Without it it would be a very long trip. 

9.    Did you buy any souvenirs or unique items?

I bought some Christmas gifts here. I bought Ashton (who plays Maria in CFB's Nutcracker and who also traveled to Romania to perform as Maria) a bear from the Christmas Market for her birthday and we didn't realize it sang. So we were in the airport trying to fit it into her bag and it kept singing. I think the people around us were getting annoyed. haha 

CFB Student, Ashton Gordon, begins the celebration of her birthday in Romania.

10.    Did you go sight-seeing or do any fun activities?

We didn't have much time to go sight seeing. We went to the Christmas Market a few times and found different places to eat which was fun. 

The giant Christmas tree at the Christmas Market located in the center of Sibiu.

11.    What other city would you like to perform in the future?

It's my dream to perform in London someday. I've always wanted to go there. 

12.    What did you learn that will help you with the upcoming production in Orlando?

I think just getting to perform in front of an audience in a show was very helpful because I could tell how much more energy it was going to take from me and I can do it better in Orlando. 

13.    What are you most looking forward to: performing the Sugar Plum Fairy in the school show or Butterfly in the public shows?

I am looking forward to both. I was equally excited to find out I had both of those parts. I've been wanting an amazing opportunity like this forever. So I just hope I can do both of the parts justice! 

14.    What is your favorite dance in The Nutcracker?

I have always loved Jig. I love watching it and it was one of my favorite parts to perform. I also love watching our Waltz of the Flowers; it's so much fun to dance every part from lily to butterfly but the way it all comes together is always beautiful. 

15.    What is the best part of The Nutcracker (from rehearsals to performing)?

Performing is definitely the best part. Getting to see everything everyone has been working so hard on finally all come together on stage is awesome.

See The Nutcracker come to life next weekend here in Orlando -- at the Orange County Convention Center from December 22-23, 2012 where you'll be transported to the Land of Sweets along with Maria and the Nutcracker Prince to enjoy this classic holiday tale -- complete with fiber optics, pyrotechnics, and aerial acrobatics. Tickets and information are available at or by calling 407-849-9948. CFB's "The Nutcracker" is sure to be a dream for the whole family!