Saturday, December 1, 2012

CFB Artistic Director Reveals First Nutcracker Role & New Surprises

The best holiday present of the year? Our very first interview with the Central Florida Ballet’s Artistic Director, Vladimir Bykov! 

You may have seen him play the mysterious Drosselmeyer in the Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker or taken a class from him at the Central Florida Ballet's Academy. Either way, you may be a bit scared of him with his Russian demeanor! Don't worry we are all still a bit scared! : ) We invite you to join us as he discusses the upcoming Nutcracker production, reveals who he would cast to play Drosselmeyer, and shares what surprises he has in store for audiences this December.

Vladimir Bykov as the mysterious Drosselmeyer in the Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker. Photo by: Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman ©

When did you first perform in The Nutcracker, and which role(s) did you play? 

In 1988 at the Malyi Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ukraine. It was right after I graduated from the affiliate school. I danced the Spanish couple.

What can we expect new in this year’s performances of The Nutcracker? 

There are many things new. For the person, that sends in the most things they find new, we will give them 2 complimentary Gold Circle tickets to next year's The Nutcracker. Click here for details.

What is your favorite dance in The Nutcracker and why? 

The one everyone looks forward to is the Grand Pas de Deux of the Sugar Plum and the Cavalier. I enjoy this pas de deux since it is a culmination of the ultimate artistry, technique, and professionalism. However, I think every divertissement has their jewels and makes the production truly fantastic.

Guest artists, Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Belserkovsky of American Ballet Theater, perform the Grand Pas de Deux in the Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker. 
Photo by: Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman ©

Do you have any surprises in store for the audience? New magic tricks from Drosselmeyer? 

I would like to have some new tricks, however Vasile cannot raise the budget. If anyone would like to sponsor some new magic tricks please let us know! I would like to add a big magic trick. It costs at least $700+.

What is the most difficult part about preparing the production from casting to studio rehearsals or the performances in the theater? 

The first rehearsal.

Can you reveal some details about the international guest artists in this year’s production? Are there any audience favorites returning? 

We are very fortunate to have Anna Dorosh of the Kiev Ballet and Opera in Ukraine where she is a star and prima ballerina. She is also an Honored Artist of Ukraine, which is the most prestigious award an artist of any genre can be receive. She has danced all over the world, but it will be her first time in Orlando. Returning, we have Dragos Mihalcea of the Royal Swedish Ballet as the cavalier. We have been friends for many years. His technique is exemplary. Our audiences always enjoy his dancing.

Anna Dorosh dancing at the Kiev Ballet and Opera in Ukraine

If you could pick a dancer/artist from anyone in history or the present to play Drosselmeyer, who would you choose? 

Vasile Petrutiu.

If someone has never seen a ballet before, would they enjoy the Central Florida Ballet’s full-length Nutcracker production and why? 

Yes! Since our first show in 2001, we have improved and modified lighting, special effects, costumes, added in small nuances, you name it. It's now at its prime stage. Our Party Scene is much more exciting than others with our kids who are very advanced for their age. We hear all the time people saying they cannot believe what our kids can do. There's the pyrotechnics throughout the show that the guys love, the aerial acrobatics in the Arabian scene that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and there are plenty of other surprises throughout the show. Each year, we also bring many guest artists that keeps the show fresh and exciting.

Christye Alan performs aerial acrobatics in the Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker, seen only in CFB's production! 
Photo by: Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman ©

When and where can Orlando see Central Florida Ballet’s The Nutcracker? 

At the Linda Chapin Theater in the Orange County Convention Center. It's right off of International Drive and across from the Peabody Hotel. Park in the West Concourse! Our performances are Saturday, Dec. 22 at 7:30pm and Sunday, Dec. 23 at 2pm. See you all there!

For tickets to the Central Florida Ballet's The Nutcracker onstage at the Orange County Convention Center right off of International Drive from December 22-23, visit or call 407.849.9948. 


NEW EVENT "The Nutcracker Brunch": An interactive Nutcracker Brunch event is also being offered at the Peabody Hotel on Sunday, Dec. 23 before the CFB's matinee performance. Brunch attendees receive 25% off Nutcracker matinee tickets, and have the opportunity to meet popular cast of The Nutcracker while enjoying the Peabody's delicious brunch favorites. Brunch pricing is $35 for adults and $18 for children under the age of 12. More Details on the brunch event.

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