Monday, February 11, 2013

You Might be a Ballet Student if...

Ballet is not just an art form or exercise, it's a way of life. Scroll down to see tell-tale signs you are a part of the ballet world!

1. You drop something on the floor and you do an arabesque to pick it up.

2. Rosin is your BFF.

3. Getting your driver's license is almost as cool as getting a new Yumiko leotard.

4. January/February you spend your weekends auditioning for Summer Intensives.

5. Whenever you hear a song, your mind thinks of choreography for a solo or a group number.

6. You bruise yourself from running into things trying to dance around your house- pirouettes and leg kicks just need happen!

7. A new pair of tights makes your day.

8. You spend hours watching videos on YouTube of ballet variations and videos.

9. The Nutcracker is your Christmas holiday tradition.

10. You'd rather be dancing on Spring Break, and Christmas Break, and the break before school begins.

11. You trip everywhere, except the dance studio.

Have some more to add? Leave a comment, we look forward to hearing your own.

1 comment:

  1. If the first thing you learned to see was ribbons on your pointe shoes! :)